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Behind Our Pages 


Who is Tyra Denine?

Author. Educator. Navy Vet. Speaker. Mother.

Tyra Denine was born in Sandusky, Ohio and raised in Decatur, Illinois. She is a United States veteran.

She is a self-published author: Damaged Goods, A Self-fulfilled Prophecy is her first publication. Her second novel, Sometimes the Sun Don’t Shine will be released Fall 2020

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About Us

What is Double Dap?

Double Dap Books was established in 2009 in Alpharetta, GA and have recently relocated our business to Decatur, Illinois. We are a family owned and operated self-publishing. company. 

Our published books have been sold on Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Book Masters, Amazon and other large and small book stores.


We strive to produce quality reads not limited to any specific age, gender or socio-economic status, as our goal is to open minds one page at a time!

Family Ties

Dante and Darius assisted with the launching of Double Dap Books, but contributed, even more so, with the creation of our company name.


When my sons were toddlers, we often referred to them simultaneously by their initials, DAP. Hence, the creation of Double Dap Books.


As teenagers, they put in lots of hard work (and many sleepless nights) unpacking boxes, stocking shelves, packaging books and traveling across America to book signings, festivals and author presentations.


Eventually, Dante, Darius and I birthed our family business known as Double Dap Books!


Thank you, my sons (my DOUBLE DAP) for being my muse and my inspiration!

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