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Sometimes the Sun Don't Shine

Tina raised her three children the best she could in Decatur, IL. However, Tangie, Terri, and Tyrone are separated, when she suddenly loses her battle with cancer, and they are forced to live with their paternal families in different parts of the United States.


Tangie, the oldest, relocates to Georgia with her father, and his secret begins to unravel. Terri, the middle child, moves to Virginia with her submariner father, an insecure step-mother and two younger siblings. Tyrone, Tina's youngest and diagnosed with Aspbergers, stays in Decatur with his bible-thumping and holy ghost catching grandmother.


As the siblings grapple with acclimating to their new environments, they are confronted with many obstacles. Will they ever reunite? Only time will tell.

Damaged Goods

Confidence and self esteem are deeply rooted from early childhood. Unfortunately, many parents and children fall victim to the ugly realities of child abuse.


Damaged Goods, a book of memoirs and poetry explores this reality. From childhood abuse, promiscuity, and self hate, the author recovers from these damages. While looking back at life's traumas, she blossoms into a loving and confident Christian woman, finding closure and peace.

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